Many people rely on a pastor, small group leader, or mentor to be the primary spiritual influence in the lives of their kids.

The problem is that children only spend, at most, four hours a week at church. What about the other 164 hours?

D6 stands for Deuteronomy 6:5-7, which tells dads and moms to take everyday opportunities to impress Gods Word upon the hearts of their children.

We must be active in passing our faith along to our kids. It is clear from D6 that, while church is a vital part of this development, it cannot stop there. It must continue in the home.

But how does a parent begin the process of building faith at home? There are four components to a successful D6 Family Plan.

Click on each to discover a variety of ideas and resources that can help you along every step of your D6 Family journey.

Every four months, we hold a D6 Family Dedication Service to encourage and equip parents to build faith at home. To learn more about our next service, contact Pastor Jonathan at We hope you will join us.

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